Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

It’s true - good content lasts forever

In today’s digital age, you can’t have a successful small business without a website. And now, we’re moving towards a world where you can’t have a successful small business without a blog! Blogs are super important. They engage your customers, boost SEO and, as we here at Schenley like to say, content is forever. So read on to discover the benefits of having a blog for your small business!

  • Why your small business needs a blog
  • How do you start one?
  • Maintaining the beast

Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

Blogs have so many benefits for small businesses.

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Blogs will drive traffic, boost SEO, build social media content, and establish authority

Drive Traffic and Boost SEO

How do you find most things on the internet? Google, of course. So when people are searching for your business (or, the product/service that your business provides), the more content you have out there, the better. Your website and social media accounts should already be on the first page of Google, why not add your blog to the list?

Statistics show that websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages. The more content you publish, the more content search engines will be able to crawl, analyze, and index. Every time you post on your blog, it will give you another page. Another keyword to add to your books. Another chance to rank #1.

Build Social Media

Blog content translates to social media content. When a new blog post goes up, you automatically have new content that is available to share around all social medias. This will not only boost engagement and conversation, but it will give you exposure and open you up to new audiences. Just one blog post can be shared multiple times, and since it will always be up on your site, you have an “evergreen” piece of content that can be shared over an extended period of time (read: forever).

Establish Authority

Blogs often answer the questions of their consumers. By consistently putting out reliable information for your readers, you will establish yourself as an authority in your field. This will gain their trust and keep them coming back.

How Do You Start One?

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Start with a plan, create your blog and start writing!

Now that you’ve been convinced why you need a blog for your small business, the next step is how to create one. Well, it’s pretty simple, so let’s dive in!

Start with a plan

Before you jump in to designing and writing, sit down for 30 minutes and plan a bit. You’ll want to establish your goals, audience, and logistics.

Write down what the goal of your blog is. Is the main goal to build your brand? Increase credibility? Connect with your customers? Drive up revenue? By starting a blog you’ll ultimately be doing all of these things, but choose an overall goal and build your content around that.

The next question you need to answer is: who is your audience going to be? Current clients? Potential customers? What’s your general demographic? This is going to impact not only what type of content you create, but how you write it.

The last thing you’ll need to plan out are the logistics. Who is going to be responsible for writing your blog? Will you write it yourself or outsource a professional content creation agency who knows the ins and outs of SEO? How often are you going to post? Create a calendar and set a posting schedule.

Create your masterpiece

Now that you’ve planned out the purpose and logistics of your blog, it’s time to start creating your masterpiece! Luckily, blogs are really easy to make, and it’s even easier to start posting on them! Hubspot lists steps to creating a successful business blog.

To get started, pick a blogging service. There are a lot out there, so just choose whichever one floats your boat. Next, you’ll want to host the blog to your website. If you leave your blog on it’s regular domain, you won’t get any SEO credit for your content! It’s pretty simple to buy a URL and connect your blog to it, although you can also buy a domain directly through your host. Don’t forget to connect it to your main website! Next, it’s time to brainstorm keywords and gather topics. Think about keywords that your customers will search for, and write your articles around those. The more obscure, the higher it will rank and the easier it will be for people to find your blog!

So, you have your blog, you have your domain, you have your keywords, now get to writing!

Maintaining the Beast

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‍If you want your blog to be successful, you’re going to have to maintain it

Planning and creating your blog is easy. Maintaining your blog is a bit different. If you want your blog to be successful and grow, you’re going to have to work hard and put a lot of focus into it.

Interact with your readers

If your readers are commenting and having conversations about your posts, interact with them! Reply to comments, encourage discussion and keep a pulse on the topics your readers are talking about. Julia McCoy from Express Writers explains, “They’re telling you what they want to hear. Take those ideas and run with them for subsequent posts, even if they’re not your next ones.”

Stick to your schedule

Remember that calendar you created in the beginning stages of your blog? Well, it’s pretty important, so try to stick to it as best you can! Be flexible and revise as needed, but once you find a schedule that works for you, be consistent. And, if you have time, work ahead so that you can stay on schedule!

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‍Start a blog for your small business today

Blogs are a great asset to any small business. They will drive traffic and boost SEO, give you constant social media content, and establish you as an authority! Start planning for your blog by outlining goals, determining who your audience is going to be, and figuring out some logistics. Once all of that is out of the way, create your blog, connect it to your domain, research keywords, and start writing! To maintain your blog, encourage and interact with your readers and post consistently by sticking to your schedule. Happy blogging!

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