Why Content Creation Agencies Rock At Engaging Your Audience

If you never seem able to satisfy your followers, read on to see what make content creation agencies so good at it

More often than not, finding out how to engage your followers can seem like some contemporary form of alchemy. The constant pressure to please everyone in your consumer base is not only taxing, it can feel like a losing battle, especially if your watered-down messages only get a lukewarm response when you want to be exciting people with your brand. That’s what Web 2.0 is all about anyway, engaging people, so why can it be so difficult sometimes? The answer can lie in many territories: a misunderstanding of what your audience wants, a poorly-articulated way of reaching your followers, even an unwillingness to really show off the qualities that make you and your business unique. Despite the way they sound, these are common problems, and they come from a lot of our myths about what people want to hear from you and your presence. Well, we’re here to debunk those myths for you and to show you how a content creation agency would go about engaging your consumer base.

The Ways To Engage Your Followers

  1. Talk to your truest followers
  2. Find your voice
  3. Use social media effectively

Step 1: Let Your Die-Hard Fans Be Heard


If you’ve ever written a letter to your childhood hero, and been lucky enough to have a response, then you know the absolute elation that comes from getting a personal response from someone you respect wholeheartedly. Why can’t it be the same with you? People love to be engaged directly, and despite sounding like a futile effort it could actually prove to be exceptionally productive.

Josh Spector at Medium gives us this gem of advice: pretend you only needed 10 followers to succeed. He explains that it would make you think more about what your audience actually wants, allowing you to create content that caters to their specific interests, wants, and desires. You’d also focus energy on creating an actual dialogue with them, so you can hear what they have to say and they can feel like they’re really being listened to because they are.

This is exactly the kind of focused approach that content creation agencies employ when they seek to interact with your fans because they know that this leads to the highest levels of engagement with your audience. And once others see the personalized responses you’re leaving people, everyone else will flock to your door too because everyone loves to see a human voice behind the words written out on the message boards. The task, then, is to really make an effort to communicate authentically and frequently with your listeners, but how is that done? For a content creation agency, it all comes down to making sure that you use your voice.

Step 2: Make Your Voice


Maintaining a constantly repeated message and tone is one of the things at which content creation agencies excel. While having a brand to convey is crucial, something even more fundamental to the way your audience will respond is whether or not your branding accurately reflects who and what you are. This, in a sense, is your voice, and it’s not as easily achieved as commonly believed. We titled this section make your voice because, as Medium points out, you don’t just find your voice: you create it.

The myth of “finding” your voice is a well-intentioned misdirection because as romantic as it sounds, you will never have consistency and control over your message if you just leave it to luck. And furthermore, your audience won’t know quite who you are either if you don’t take the time to decide exactly how you want to be seen. But sometimes, it can be harder for you to analyze yourself, with all of your human biases and insider knowledge of yourself (don’t worry, we all think this way about ourselves). That’s why having an outsider in this process is crucial: they will be able to see you the way your audience will, and a content creation agency comes with the added bonus of knowing the tools and techniques that can not only capture the essential qualities that will be most important to your followers but also package them in ways that make them irresistible to people who feel as passionately about your interests as you do. Those techniques are a third aspect of the marketing strategy that content creation agencies will provide for you, and they’re designed to really pack a punch.

Step 3: Use Social Media Wisely

social media wall

This has probably been beaten into your brain a thousand times already, but if you’re still reading this part it’s because you know that social media policies, SEO tactics, and ranking algorithms are changing day by day, and we all need to keep up with the changes if we want to have a chance at staying relevant. So why chance it on your own when there are entire companies devoted to keeping up with these trends for you?

Content creation agencies are dedicated to scoping out the most engaging and innovative ways of connecting with your audience: from creating polls to make users feel acknowledged, to encouraging user-generated content to get people talking and build solidarity in your community, there are a variety of ways that a content creation agency can take your brand to the next level in your online presence. And since they’ve had such a presence in helping you develop your unique voice, they’ll be all the more empowered to employ these proven techniques in the style that fits your needs best.

Engaging with fans can be daunting. The hoards of people begging to be heard, begging to get their voice out there, and with so many voices conflicting each other, can leave us frustrated at trying to please everyone and still stay authentic to our true selves. With a content creation agency on your side to distill what makes you unique, you’ll be able to broadcast your brand across the internet in ways that will make your followers excited to engage with you. You might just find yourself surprised at just how much fun you can have truly spoken to your fans.

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