Who Are You?—Brand Awareness and Increasing Engagement

Placed in front of a large audience, it can be hard to find your voice. Brand awareness is important because it ensures consistent, engaging content that social media audiences can feel a connection to.

According to Sprout’s 2018 Social Index, brand awareness is the top priority for marketers right now. People follow hundreds of brands online, so standing out and becoming a recognizable brand is essential to success. This means more than just posting about products. Rather, it is the process that involves building a recognizable brand. In order to do so, brands need to identify who they are and what they want to convey to their audience.

  • What is brand awareness?
  • How can companies pinpoint their niche
  • How to stand out

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a step above brand recognition. Brand recognition is when consumers associate certain logos or colors with your company. This is a superficial level of engagement with consumers.

Brand awareness takes recognition a step further by establishing a mission that consumers associate with the brand. This is beneficial to companies in the long run because people can keep the company in mind for very specific circumstances. Simply knowing a brand’s logo is not enough; knowing what they can do for you is more important.

Brand awareness is especially important on social media platforms because they are saturated with brands vying for attention. Being able to convey your mission statement through a simple post is a skill that will grow your brand awareness.

Do customers know what you are offering and why? Does your Instagram or Facebook reflect this?

If your page does not effectively inform people about your brand mission, then maybe you should reconsider how to convey your brand.

What is Your Brand?

Knowing your brand and how it can improve people’s lives is important for curating your brand image. Although you may think you have a pretty focused platform, is that being conveyed through your social media?

Brand awareness plays a big role in customer loyalty. If you are able to establish yourself and have a high level of brand awareness, then customers will know you and keep you in mind for current and future decisions.

Some brands that have high brand awareness are ones that have been around for a while. For example Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren generally evoke classic and nostalgic feelings. Nike and Adidas are known for their wearable and iconic clothing.

Brand awareness comes from more than a logo--it is what people feel when they think about your brand. Trends change frequently, but having a solid brand means people will come back to you over and over again.

How to Cultivate Brand Awareness

It is evident brand awareness is essential. What steps can you take to start becoming a recognizable brand online?

Have Personality

Do not be a static brand behind a screen. Show that you are a tangible brand by establishing a personality. Rather than posting flat promotions, use humor or take a twist on current trends to show followers you are aware of newer culture.

Telling stories is also a good way to draw in an audience. The purpose of having a personality is to show that your company is made of real people who care about what they are representing. This is especially important on the internet.

Establishing your brand as something that is run by and cared for by humans shows customers that they can trust your company more than a generic website.

Be Recognizable

Tweaking just a few parts of your profile or page could significantly impact brand awareness. People have short attention spans, so using a few keywords in a bio can effectively inform your audience about your brand and mission.

Even profile images are important. Make sure your pictures reflect your brand so that people can begin to associate your brand with more visual clues. Platforms like Instagram are especially visual-heavy, so keeping a common theme will allow people to recognize you even without looking at your username.

Being consistent could be as easy as keeping with a certain color theme or having similar imagery with all your posts.

Be Visual

When you are posting visuals, make sure they are unique. Posting stock images over and over again can turn people off because it becomes impersonal.

Showing original visual content and designs really amplifies a brand’s mark. Investing in professional graphic designs and photos with a common theme in mind will make you more recognizable over time.

Tag and Hashtag Away

Tagging people or other brands is a great way to immediately boost engagement. This makes you show up on other pages and fosters communication with other brands.

Using hashtags is important if you want to be searchable. Sometime people who do not follow you yet are looking for certain content and search for it. By using hashtags, you and your posts will come up in very relevant searches.

Creating your own hashtag will also increase your engagement. If customers start tagging your brand, you can increase engagement through their followers and also see how customers are responding to you or your services.


Commenting on posts is the best way to show an account is managed by a person rather than a robot. Replying to people’s comments shows them they are valued and also gives you an opportunity to build your personality.

Recycling is Good for Your Brand

Repurposing content for multiple platforms is the best way to make the most of your content. For example, if you publish results from a study on your blog, post an infographic on Instagram with a link to the original post.

By using the same content in different forms makes it super shareable and engaging on multiple fronts.

Captions Are Important

Providing commentary on images shows followers that you are not just trying to build a pretty feed. Captions are a place to be creative and insightful. Use your space wisely for hashtags, clever jokes, catchy slogans, or even emojis.

Teach People How to Fish

Although the quote has been reworded multiple times, the general sentiment goes: giving someone a fish feeds them for a day--teaching them how to fish feeds them for a lifetime.

People love learning new things. If you offer any kind of relevant insight, you are teaching your audience how to think like you. This makes them appreciate your content even more and allows them to feel like you are adding to their lives.

Examples of this include when photographers share editing tips or interior designers walk followers through a remodeling process. Teaching people about your brand is one of the most engaging ways for them to trust it.

Have an Opinion

Taking a stance on issues is becoming increasingly important. Since social media has become a big part of modern social movements, taking part in them could help your brand.

Recently, many brands have released statements or collections during Pride Month to show they are dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues.

If your brand is part of an industry that is fueled by opinions, make sure you take a stand so followers know your values.

Be Consistent

This is important for brands regardless of what their mission is--posting frequently and consistently is the key to engagement. Showing followers you will be a consistent part of their lives will increase their brand awareness through sheer exposure.

There are many steps to take when cultivating brand awareness, but having a loyal and aware following is essential to success.

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