Ultimate guide to updating your google business listing

The first thing a person may see when searching for your business is your Google Business Listing. This listing is crucial in the choice they make before coming to your business.

When a person types your business into Google, on the right side of the screen will show your address, hours, etc. This is a Google Business Listing. Making sure all of the components are up to snuff can be more important than a business owner will realize. Below you will find a list of ways to update your listing and ways to make it stand out from the crowd.

  1. Fill in all information asked of the business
  2. Google encourages viewers to edit or answer questions about your business
  3. Google My Business posts
  4. Add photos and videos to enhance your listing
  5. Business description
  6. Refine primary business category
  7. Keep your listing accurate
  8. Take advantage of Google My Business Insights

Fill in all information asked of the business

A simple way to improve your listing, filling in all that is asked of your business.

Not only making sure all your information is filled in, but making sure it is all up to date. This listing is where most people go and having the wrong information could lead to potential customers shying away from you. Information like your address, hours, and phone number just scratch the surface. Adding a local phone number is a simple way to increase your optimization. What sounds like an easy task, might get lost in everything else: keep your business name consistent. Adding “The” only some of the time can confuse people.

Google encourages viewers to edit or answer questions about your business

Google wants your customers to rate you, make sure you give them something good to comment about.

Unlike most rating sites, Google encourages viewers to answer questions about your business. On your Google listing, it asks a reader to answer questions or to suggest an edit. Anyone can suggest an edit to your listing and it has been reported that the owner is not always notified when a change has been made. This means that you must constantly check up n your information and making sure it is all correct.

Google My Business posts

Use posts to promote your business.

Did you know Google My Business lets you add posts to your listing? These posts act as “mini-ads” and show up along with your search result. To post on your Google My Business account, go to your GMB dashboard and on the left hand side will be a “post” tab. The perfect times for new posts are events, sales, etc.

Add photos and videos to enhance your listing

Photos and videos can make or break your listing if they are not the right quality.

Very little of the time do people take the time to read everything on their computer screen, and this makes visuals important. A business does not need the most upscale photographer/videographer to get the best quality anymore. Cell phones have been upgraded to great camera quality and can be used to capture your business and events that you put on. Easily accessing your GMB account from your phone and adding the photos lets you update your listing from almost anywhere and so quickly.

business man on his phone

Business description

Adding a description is an important new update for businesses.

A recent update with Google listings now lets businesses add a description. This description to tell readers what your business is all about, BUT it should be in a way that makes them want to choose you. What sets you apart from the rest of the competition is a something that should be included. The catch? You must do this in 750 characters or less, only 250 of those characters will be shown and the reader must click a “read more” button. Making it a priority to perfect the description could bring in new customers.

Refine primary business category

Don’t just tell the reader your general category, give them more.

After Google asks what category your business is under, there is an option to go more in depth. Being exact about what your business entails leaves no questions and a potential customer will not be left curious. Having this category wrong can put your business in the wrong search results. Refining the category lets the business owner give the business a bit of personality as well. For example, you could just choose “clothing store” but what kind of clothes? What’s the age range? What is the style?

Keep your listing accurate

Never forget about your listing, always check up on it.

After the Google listing is created, the business cannot just let it go. Previously mentioned was the fact that readers can suggest an edit. If they edit something wrong, the business must go change that. Checking the listing at least once a week will leave little room for error. Updating posts will show your business is active and may be something a potential customer looks for.


Google My Business Insights

Take advantage of the insights Google My Business gives you.

Google My Business Insights are analytics on how your listing is doing. Insights are important to look at and plan how you can improve in the future. These insights in particular look at how viewers are interacting with the listing: how customers are finding your insight, where customers find you on Google, customer actions, etc. The data can tell how many views your photos and videos are getting. This can show what people are interested in seeing. Targeting the right customers is important and can immensely change the results of your analytics. Making sure you are getting your advertising out to the right crowds and making sure the quality is great are simple ways to improve those insights.

Google My Business Listings are something that small business owners may not realize that could bring them to the next level. These listing are free to create and can enhance all businesses. The catch is always staying up to date with the information and making sure your business is working hard to make your listing rise from the competition.

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