Top Design Tricks in Canva Social Media Managers Should Know

Canva is a FREE tool that every social media manager should take advantage of. It can be used to give your platforms more variety and lets you be creative when creating.

Social media isn’t always as easy as it looks. It takes valuable time to create the perfect post and the perfect image to attach to the post. If you are struggling with producing original photos and graphics, Canva is here to help! Here is a list of the best tricks that every social media manager should keep in their toolbox.

  • Engagement is Key
  • Pick a Palette of Colors
  • Pair Contrasting Fonts
  • Use Transparent Icons to Your Advantage
  • Have Good Quality Photos
  • Create Contests and Surveys
  • Always Have Inspiration
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Engagement is Key

Always make sure your posts give your viewers a reason to look at them.

Every company is fighting for viewership and this means companies have to take the time to go above and beyond. It’s so much more than writing a post and going on with your day, as a social media manager your job is crucial. Your social media platforms are more like shopping windows in this day and age, and this is the first a customer is seeing of you. Making your content engaging is one of the easiest ways to boost interaction with your account. So, what exactly is engaging content?

Content that is engaging should be visual and creative. Did you know that visual content is 40 percent more likely to be shared? Visual content can be original photos or graphics you have created. When it comes to graphics, keep it simple. Getting a ton of information into one photo can make it overwhelming and the reader will glance at it and move on.

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Pick a Palette of Colors

Keeping a constant palette for colors will give your profiles a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Deciding on a color palette will keep your social posts more consistent. This consistency creates an aesthetically pleasing profile, which can increase viewership. Choosing 4-6 colors gives you enough leeway for creativity without going overboard. Make sure that all of the colors chosen relate to the brand and what kind of mood you want to put your consumer in. Knowing the psychology behind colors and how they make people feel may be helpful when choosing your palette.

Choose Contrasting Fonts

Using contrasting fonts will give your graphics some flare without becoming too confusing.

Having no more than two fonts on a social media graphic will give it some character without being too overwhelming. Over two fonts will become very confusing. Keeping these two fonts consistent with your theme will also help keep your aesthetic going. All of these tiny parts come together and form your perfect social media presence, but all the pieces must come together in order for this to happen.

Instead of changing up different fonts, try changing up the scale. Making important words larger can attract someone to read what you have to say without doing too much with the font itself.

Use Transparent Icons to Your Advantage

Adding extra icons and shapes that are simple can enhance your photo to make it look more professional.

Transparent icons would be boxes, circles, etc. that you place behind a font. These can give the eye somewhere else to look other than just at a plain old photo or background. If done right, these icons will step up your graphics game. Just playing around with different shapes and degrees of transparency will get your graphic to where you want it to be. Remember to keep the shape of the icon in relation to the graphic you are making. The font on top of this icon should still be easy to read!

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Have Good Quality Photos

What seems like a simple task, can make or break it for your social media presence.

Having high-quality photos is crucial when setting up posts for social media. A consumer may find your business intriguing, head over to your social platforms, but see low-quality photos and run for the hills. Using stock photos can come in handy when your company does not have the ability to go out and take these photos yourselves. Pexels is a free site that has thousands of photos in different genres that can help anyone out. It’s important to make sure you are using copyright free images when making graphics because copyrighted photos are someone else's and using them is considered stealing. Canva also gives its user free photos and free clipart to use on all of their projects.

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Create Contests and Surveys

Contests and surveys show the consumer that your company cares.

A thought in everyone’s mind is always, “what’s in it for me?” Well, a contest is a perfect opportunity to give your consumer something while boosting your engagement. Giving away something as simple as a t-shirt can get people to share your content and have new eyes see it. Giving away things that have your logo on them also gives you free advertising! You are killing two birds with one stone this way.

Surveys show that you value their opinions and in the end, could possibly improve your company. Having the consumer feel like they are “in” on the choices of the brand makes them feel like they matter and show that you care as a company.

Always Have Inspiration

For whatever your brand may be, find inspiration for your posts.

Use Google to your advantage by searching ads and social posts relating to what you want to be doing. Taking their ideas and tweaking them to make them your own is a great place to start. Seeing what someone else is doing gives you a base instead of just going in head first. Picking a company for inspiration and going through the evolution of their posts also can help you see what they have done well and what they have picked up. There may be certain trends your company should be aware of or things that just did not work at all.

Keep things in your back pocket as inspiration, but make sure you are keeping everything just as that. Copying someone else can give people the impression that not only your social platforms but your company is unoriginal. What a social media manager does on Twitter, Facebook, etc. can reflect what the company believes in and stands for. Using Canva is an easy way to let your creativity flow. Canva makes it easy on you by having an app to use on your phone and a website to work from a computer!

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