The Not-So-Secret SEO Tactic

Customer Reviews can be Your Greatest Asset or Downfall

All companies want to be the king of SEO (search engine optimization). Many internal factors (aka Google verification and so forth) affect how high your site ranks on search results such as backlinks and keywords, but customer reviews are imperative to your SERP (search engine results page) as well.

Some key points:

-Always aim for at least three stars to establish credibility, then work your way up!

-Bad reviews are not the end of the world.

-Transparency is key when dealing with consumers.

Customer reviews are a good way to tell if your content is still relevant and fulfills your targeted audience’s needs. Consumers of your products can utilize Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google itself. When a consumer looks up your business, having recent views demonstrates that your content is still kicking.

Greatest Asset

Unfortunately, you need more than just some raving reviews to get noticed by Google. You need “organic stars”. Studies prove that if you gain an average of at least three stars, your statistics and presence will improve. You’ll also need to be verified by Google so when you’re searched, you’ll appear in Google’s Knowledge Panel. That is the box that typically appears on the right hand side of screen with the business’s name, number, address, and of course...the reviews!

Lets not forget about traffic. As we all know, we want our website to be on as many screens as possible. If you have wonderful reviews, chances are they are going to want to learn more about your product.  

...Or Downfall

The flipside of this marvelous coin is the scammers and fake reviews. Most consumers are skeptical of 100% positive feedback but it is still helpful to be aware of those people. If Google gets skeptical that the reviews are fraudulent, your SEO will tank. There have been many lawsuits against companies that put out fake reviews because it is false advertising and lying to the public. No one needs that kind of trouble.

If your consumers believe that all of your reviews as genuine, your credibility will jump. Your relationship with your customers is not worth endangering. When consumers look for a specific product, word of mouth has some weight, but a majority will look at the reviews. Now remember: bad reviews are not the end of the world. Accepting both negative and positive reviews shows transparency and that you have nothing to hide. Good customer service for both negative and positive reviews goes a long way. If you treat your consumer right, they won’t forget about you. Transparency is key.

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