The New Trend: Instagram Stories

Make this new Insta feature work to your advantage

Instagram is a great platform to post photos and really promote your business. It has a younger audience so if that is your target market, it is a great tool to utilize. Now Instagram is no longer just about posting photos, they have added what is called Instagram stories. It is similar to Snapchat in the sense of, taking a photo or video and allowing anyone to see it for 24 hours, and then it goes away

It may seem a little strange, especially for this platform. Actually, it is the opposite. Users under 25 years old spend more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram, on average, while users 25 and older spend more than 24 minutes a day—meaning this feature has a really engaged following. Also, approximately one-third of the most viewed stories are ones by businesses, according to a recent CNBC interview. Now that we understand how useful this feature can be, let's show you how to use it.

Creating your first story

 instagram story

There are two ways to do this. You can add photo or video by either taking the photo/video on the spot or you can upload it in from your phone’s gallery. Now tap the plus button on the top-left side of your Instagram home screen or swipe left in your Feed. You also can open Stories by swiping right on the main screen. Now, take a picture by tapping the circle button at the bottom of the screen or hold it to record a video, or like I said earlier, you can upload content from your own gallery.

Another option is creating what is called a “boomerang”. It is a short video clip that plays backwards and forwards. You can record this the same place where you take the pictures and video for your stories. There is also a boomerang app that you can use as well.

Like a regular Instagram post, there are multiple filters, effects, and text you can put on your content. This is really nifty because it really lets you make your stories your own.

So how do you use this to your advantage?

Instagram stories can be used for promotional purposes, and it is kind of to be expected. Since you are a business, advertising never really hurt anyone. However, don’t just to the promo stories. You can utilize this to be more transparent with your followers because being open can really help you build up trust with your consumers. You can do things like taking a tour of the office or just showing some cool “behind the scenes” type of things. They should be more light and entertaining, rather than serious and cold.

Remember to repurpose your stories

save an instagram story

We worked so hard to make them, so it kind of sucks to have them disappear after 24 hours. When you’re posting your story, there is a “save” button. Once you do that, it’ll appear as a video in your camera roll. From there you can use your story for other social media channels and maybe even your blog.

To recap: this is a really cool, new method to reach your followers on Instagram. It provides a nice medium to really interact with your followers and consumers, and who knows, you’ll probably gain more!     

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