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Research Roundup May 2018

The newest research and information in social media, SEO, and content marketing any industry professional worth their salt needs to know this month.

There are three constants in life: death, taxes, and changes in social media content marketing strategies. To help you with that last one, we’ve done our research on some of the changes over the last month that are going to make the biggest splash for how you think about growing your community. From Facebook’s newest content posting focus to checklists for making your content more engaging and dynamic, to tips on how to use specific platforms most effectively, we’ve brought you the best ideas from around the web for making your content sparkle and shine.

Buffer Predicts how Facebook Marketing will Change as a result of #FakeNews

Buffer has created a fantastic prediction of what we can expect from Facebook’s newest ideas about how they want users to engage with online content and marketing. As Facebook changes how users will be presented with content, it’s important to know what this means for your approach.

facebook in eyes
Credit Geralt on Pixabay
  • FB’s latest updates prioritize post from friends and family over public content.
  • 3rd party publishing apps are no longer available for individual profiles (businesses only)
  • FB will favor content that sparks conversation rather than passively grabs attention
active vs passive chart
  • Only 1-2% of the best content on Facebook with see viral organic growth
  • Episodic or destination content will be the next big challenge for digital marketers encouraging users to seek out your posts

Neil Patel’s outdated social tactics to ditch, and what you should do instead.

Neil Patel is a content marketing guru, and he’s helped all of us out with some fantastic thoughts on what we need to change to stay competitive in a constantly-changing digital landscape, and what our audiences are really looking for online. By always keeping the viewer in mind, there are plenty of ways to work smarter, not harder, and build stronger connections with your audience along the way.


1. Check Yourself Before You Link Yourself

q and a vector
Credit  on Pixabayijmaki

The old ways of content marketing are dead and gone, and we all need to ask ourselves if our current techniques are efficient anymore. Some old habits need to be eliminated, in favor of more personal and nuanced techniques to adopt that are shown later in the list.

  • Posting links to content for more likes not effective
  • Mass following people or joining similar social groups also not as effective anymore
  • Find the main influencers in your niche, see what they do to produce, engage and interact.
  • Comment on these posts and link to your own account.

2. You’ve Gotta Have Heart (And Be Smart About It)

two guys talking
Credit Free-Photos on Pixabay

There’s so much more to posting than just writing whatever you want. You have to make sure that you capture your audience by giving them what they want, and make it personal so they have an emotional interest in your content.

  • Engage with commenters
  • Engage with audience through raffles, quizzes, surveys and polls to see what kinds of topics to write about.
  • Make sure posts are honest, informative, interesting and relevant
  • Storytelling boosts conversions by 30% when used to answer customer questions
  • Use a chatbot to engage with readers in a personalized way.
  • Spend 80% of time on community growth and 20% of time on new content

3. Break Out Your Gadgets

batman belt

To be the most effective you can be across the various digital platforms that exist, you need to have a trusty set of tools that help you make the smartest and most efficient decisions.

  • Use tools to estimate the engagement of a specific post, for example, use google trends to check interest about a topic
  • Use each platform uniquely, for example;
  • Twitter- short, up to date messages in real time
  • Facebook - engaging, creative, witty
  • Research what people are talking about in regards to trends
  • Use social listening tools
  • Use video
  • 26% of FB users that click on an ad actually make a purchase with 93% of companies using FB Ads. avg. ctr is .90% and 75-90% of fb ad performance is based on images
Screen Shot 2018 04 17 at 12.51.03 PM

7 Steps to Optimize Every Social Post from Kissmetrics.

laptop setup
Credit Monoar on Pixabay

If you’re social media strategy is falling short, Kissmetrics has created a checklist for creating engaging, original content that will capture the hearts and minds of your target audience.

  1. Have a clearly defined purpose every time you post
  2. Find an engaging headline or quote to share from the content you are featuring
  3. Highlight your brand voice
  4. Use emoji’s * add emoji
  5. videos, gifs, custom images for the win.  *add gif
  6. Relevant hashtags are a must *add hashtag
  7. Monitor and respond to those who engage with your content.

12 Optimization Steps to expand Social Media Reach from Sprout Social.

Credit PhotoMIX-Company

When you’re busy creating meaningful content and thinking hard about content strategies, it’s easy to forget the simpler (but necessary) tasks of filling out profiles and coordinating your message across different platforms. Sprout Social has created a set of steps to guide you through maximizing your efficiency on the web.

  1. Fill out profiles fully
  2. Add branded hashtags to your bio on instagram
  3. Occasionally remind your followers that you have other social media accounts
  4. Personalize the social icons on your website to match the style and colors of your brand
  5. Promote social accounts in newsletters and email signatures (including branded hashtag)
  6. Vary tones across platforms
  7. Optimize employee advocacy to amplify brand.
  8. Create an ambassador or loyalty program

For driving sales specifically :

  1. Create targeted ads using facebook interest group data and fb pixels
  2. Add fb pixel to website to target website viewers automatically.
  3. Use shoppable tags on insta and fb
  4. These will integrate with salesforce and shopify
  5. Offer social-only discounts-try flash deals in insta stories or as a FB offer
  6. Setup low-barrier contests. Ask fans to do very little to enter for highests engagement. Brand it with a specific hashtag.

Effectively use Instagram Hashtags to keep users Engaged

Sprout Social also created a handy sheet for an in-depth look at how to use hashtagging to its maximum potential. It’s an art and a science, and there are a variety of ways you can use hashtags to personalize your messages and actively engage your audience.

instagram app
Credit Erik_Lucatero on Pixabay
  • Instagram posts with at least one hashtag tend to receive 12.6% more engagement.
  • focus on the community aspect and build real relationships with your audience.
  • Use custom # to engage customers and promote followers
  • Brands have to get into the habit of using hashtags for any main keywords you mention inside of your posts.
  • Strategically use geotagging to engage locals (ex. Geotag inmotion posts about a specific airport)
  • Branded hashtags are specific to the company
  • Community hashtags are general and engaging (#picoftheday)
  • Follow hashtag trends  (#memorialday)
  • Balance popular # with less popular # to see if you see more engagement with a smaller audience.

In Other Instagram News:

instagram search page
Credit USA-Reiseblogger on Pixabay
  • FB’s acquisition of Instagram has caused an incredible influx in users decreasing the effectiveness of organic brand posts. Expect to see more sponsored content and a decrease in organic post effectiveness. Instagram live is the last frontier of organic marketing, so start recording!
  • Even Travel & Leisure is helping you better engage instagram users with their guide to travel hashtags.
  • Instagram shows a clear downward correlation between more users and less engagement peaking with the ideal influencer having 10k-100k followers to be most effective.
instagram chart

Still Looking for More Data?

Other top tips and articles from across the industry this month.

gmail logo
Credit Pfpiovani on Pixabay

Gmail’s New Update will start suggesting when to unsubscribe from newsletters if you haven’t opened an email from that sender in 30 days or more.

google search
Credit FirmBee on Pixabay

Target google snippets by creating content that directly answers W questions. An FAQ page can be very effective. Use an H2 for the question with 2-3 sentences to concisely answer. Accurate Name, Address and Phone Numbers (NAP)  on business listing and online directories are still in the top 5 for importance in localized organic search rankings.

Credit PhotoMIX-Company on Pixabay

Google has updated it’s lighthouse extension tool so that you can analyze any page for basic SEO competency.

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With all of these new and exciting directions online platforming is taking, we’re curious to see what you think about all of these changes. What sparked your interest? What tips will you use in your strategy? Keep an eye out for our next articles where we’ll build on everything learned here and see what trends start cropping up out of these new horizons.

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