Promote Your Content with “Outreach” Link Building

Backlinks are important. Not only will it give your content exposure to other audiences, but the more backlinks you have, the higher your content will rank. Luckily, the process to obtain these backlinks isn’t as hard as you might think. With just 3 simple steps you can start to promote your content with outreach link building.

Content promotion: it’s a vital part of content marketing. What’s the point of having great content if no one will see it? There are many ways to promote your content, however one technique stands out from the rest and has the success to prove it: link building. Backlink promotion is a vital element in optimizing SEO. Not only that, but getting shares from other people will allow your content to reach a wider audience and give you credibility.

So how do you go about link building? Although there are a ton of different methods, from maximizing social media use to commenting on niche blog posts, we are going to focus on promotion outreach. This technique is when the content creator reaches out to people of interest and shares their content in hopes to receive a quality backlink. This type of content promotion is great because it also doubles as networking. Not only do you start link building, you create a relationship with someone in your industry or field and establish a connection between their content and yours.

Although outreach link building might seem like a big process, there are actually just 3 simple steps to start promoting your content with this technique!

  • Find people who are interested in your content
  • Send an initial email to introduce yourself and see if they are interested in looking over your content
  • Follow up with a link to your content

Let’s break these steps down a little.

1. Find people who are interested in your content

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‍Find people who have an interest in your content

Question: Who is most likely to share your content? Answer: people who are interested in it! Do a few Google searches to find bloggers and other pieces of content that resonate with your brand, or that share your target audience. The key here is to find reliable, high-quality websites that you would want to link to your content. Not only does this work with Google’s algorithm (quality backlinks rank higher), but your name is on the line! You don’t want your backlinks to come from spammy or unreliable websites because it reflects on your reputation.Make sure to take note of the author and their contact information, because the next step is to reach out and introduce yourself! (Check out resources like Voila Norbert which can help you track down email addresses.)

2. Send an initial email

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‍Reach out and introduce yourself

Write an email to the author or blogger. The purpose of this initial correspondence isn’t to send your link and pray that they pay attention, it’s to establish a connection. Be as personal as you can. Let them know who you are, why you are emailing them specifically, and ask if they are interested in looking over your content. Here’s a quick template to refer to from Brian Dean at Backlinko.Hey [Name],I know you get a ton of emails so I’ll keep this short.[Something personal to show that you know that they’re interested in your content’s topic]And I’m publishing a piece of content about [Topic] soon. So, naturally, I thought you’d be interested.Would love to get your quick feedback on it… mind if I send you the link?Cheers,[First Name]

4. Follow up with your content

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‍Send your content and let the backlinks build themselves

After you send the initial email establishing who you are and what your content is, hopefully you will receive a reply with an enthusiastic author who is excited to look over your work! Thank them, send a link to your content, and ask what they think about it.

If someone likes your work, then they will share it! You probably won’t even have to ask. If they do need a little nudge in the right direction, add a casual sentence to the end of an email such as “Thanks again for looking over my piece! Any shares would be greatly appreciated.”

Just to review: Find bloggers and authors who have an interest in your content. Send an initial email to establish a relationship with that person and feel out their thoughts on your work. Lastly, send your content and let the backlinks build themselves!

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