Need to Step Up Your Marketing? Hire a Content Creation Agency

Content creation is a smart marketing strategy, but it can be hard to keep up with and fully optimize your position. Luckily, hiring a content creation agency can solve this problem.

What is content marketing? According to the Content Marketing Institute, the definition of content marketing is “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” With paid ads being less and less effective, it’s critical to keep your marketing strategy up to date, and content creation is just the way to do that.

  • The basics of content marketing
  • How it can benefit your business
  • Why you should hire an agency

The basics of content marketing

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Content marketing is more than meets the eye.

Content marketing is a great way to bring in new customers and meet long-term goals. For businesses, most content comes in the form of blog posts (if your business doesn’t have a blog, you might want to fix that), but podcasts, videos, infographics, ebooks, and social media are just a few other content marketing materials that you can take advantage of. Let’s flesh out some of the different facets of content marketing!

Content marketing vs. advertising

Content marketing differs from traditional advertising. The classic in-your-face, hey-look-at-me, you-need-our-product techniques just aren’t cutting it for modern consumers anymore. 86% of people skip TV advertisements, 44% ignore direct mail, and 70% of people would rather learn about a company through an article rather than an advertisement. The way people react to advertising is changing, and marketers need to be proactive.

This is where content marketing comes in. Although content creation and traditional advertising have the same overall goals (brand awareness, driving traffic, and bringing in new clients), their methods are different. Whereas advertising focuses on blasting a message during a specific time without any way to measure who’s being reached or how your message is being received, content marketing is written for specific keywords in order to optimize your position for people who are actively looking for your content (and, in an extension to that, your business). In addition, content can always be tweaked and updated so that it is always fresh and up to date.

Content and traditional advertising can go hand-in-hand. For example, email blasts are targeted and offer content for your customers but can be large-scale and reach a lot of people.

The benefits of content marketing

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‍Content marketing will take your business to the next level

Content marketing has so many benefits for your business that it wouldn’t be smart to overlook it! Here are just 5 ways that content can boost your business:

  1. Builds brand awarenessContent marketing builds your brand awareness! By publishing consistent content you are updating your website and creating new opportunities for people to find your business and get to know who you are and what you do. Your brand will become familiar to them.
  2. Great ROIContent creation is a fairly inexpensive way to market your brand. Even if you outsource (we’ll get to that in the next section), it’s a lot cheaper than other forms of large-scale advertisements, and the best part is that content generates three times the number of leads. Without spending a ton of $$$ you get a great return on investment.
  3. Gain advantageHaving a platform where you can share your expertise in your field gives you an advantage over competitors who don’t create content. Content marketing strategies are unique, and having one will always put you on top.
  4. Boost credibilityHaving well-researched, up-to-date, accurate content will really up your credibility points. This is important because, as Campaign Monitor puts it, companies that “publish credible content, with fact-checked articles, vetted information, and quotes from experienced experts build a solid reputation.”

Why You Should Hire an Agency to Create Your Content

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Content marketing agencies are the way to go when it comes to stepping up your content game.

We’ve established that content is important, if not vital, to a small business in order to stay in a relevant and competitive position. However, creating quality content is hard work, and, as a business owner, you have so many other things to worry about. That’s where Schenley comes in.

Outsourcing content creation is a smart, beneficial move to up your game, and here’s why.

Save time and money

While hiring a content creation agency might not seem like a money-saving tip, it’s actually less expensive to outsource than to hire a full or part time employee. With agencies you pay for what you need when you need it. If you were planning on skipping out on hiring an employee and curating content yourself, while it’s quite ambitious and indeed possible, it’s a lot of work to research, write, publish, and promote content multiple times a week. If you want to save time and money, content creation agencies are the way to go.

Scale your business quickly

When you hire a full time- or even part time- team you run the risk of having to scale up when business is booming but then scale down when times are tough. When you outsource content creation, you have the freedom and flexibility to scale your content and schedule quickly. The only limit is budget, not time or other resources.

Skills on skills on skills

A content creator has to have the right blend of networking skills, domain expertise, and writing ability. You have to have the talent for writing, but you also need to know what you’re writing about and have the ability to promote your content  in order to maximize it’s position. Agencies have the perfect mix of skill, knowledge, and position that will take your content to the next level.

‍Here at Schenley, we got your back

Content creation is a critical element when it comes to small business marketing. It’s competitive and more sustainable than traditional advertising. Content creation will benefit your business by building brand awareness, give you a great ROI, allow you to gain an advantage over your competitors, and will boost your credibility. However, content has to be accurate, well-researched, and meticulously written, as well as correctly promoted in order to have a full impact on your business. That’s where agencies come in. Here at Schenley, we offer professional content creation services that will take your marketing to the next level- don’t wait, reach out and say hi!

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