In Pursuit of the Checkmark: How to Get Verified on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Getting verified on various social media platforms is an important step if you are trying to grow your following. The small but mighty symbol may seem out of reach, but we have a few ways to put you on track for social media verification.

Simply put, the checkmark verifies that a page or person is legitimate. Considering the number of fake pages that can exist online, being verified contributes a lot to your follower count. You (or your business) are more likely to show up on searches first, leading to a greater following, more potential sponsorship, and more traffic through your pages. Read on to see how to get verified on various social media platforms.

  • What Facebook requires for verification
  • How to get verified on Instagram
  • Staying tuned for Twitter verification

Facebook Verification: A Badge of Approval

Facebook offers two different kinds of verification: a blue or gray badge. Unlike other platforms, follower count does not determine whether or not a page can be verified. Rather, Facebook is more concerned about why you should be verified.

Getting verified on Facebook is more about technicalities. There are different processes, however, for personal and business pages.

Personal Facebook Page Verification: Blue Badge

Pages that do not represent businesses or brands are eligible for verification with a blue badge. Pages that would be eligible for verification are:

  • Media and journalists
  • Sports figures
  • Government officials
  • Celebrities
  • Entertainment

Pages requesting verification should have a few basic components: a cover photo, profile photo, content, and “follow” enabled.

Some steps you can take before requesting verification would be to list yourself as a “Public Figure” by going to “About” and keeping your profile public. Make sure to link your Page through your personal website, and fill out as much information as possible about yourself.  

Before requesting a badge, it would be beneficial to have a few hundred followers. When you are filling out the request form, you will be asked for government-issued ID if the Page is for a single person. If the Page represents a larger organization, you may have to provide additional documentation such as utility bills.

Finally, there is an opportunity to provide a reason for why you want to be verified. This is an important section because you can link articles or any press. If you need to create a greater online presence, you can try getting featured on pages with similar content or start a Wiki page.

After submitting, you just have to sit back and wait for Facebook to get back to you. If your request is rejected, focus on creating more buzz around yourself and your content before trying again.

Business Page Verification: Gray Badge

Getting a business Page verified is a completely separate process on Facebook. Businesses are verified through a gray badge and must be published before requesting verification. If the Page has already been published and is listed as a business, company, or organization, then verification can be done through Settings.

Only an admin has access to these settings, and a Page must have a profile picture and cover photo. The process for verifying a business Page is as follows:

Settings>General>Page Verification>Verify this Page>Enter publicly listed phone number>Call Me Now>Receive verification code>Enter code

Pages can also be verified by uploading business documents showing the business’ name and address. After following the above steps, it may take a few days until Facebook confirms the information on a page and grants it a badge.

Instagram Verification: Check Marks the Spot

More and more businesses are turning to Instagram for marketing, especially because it offers an opportunity for visuals, captions, and interactive Stories. This also means that the competition to be successful on Instagram is pretty high. Getting verified on Instagram is essential to showing up higher on searches, comments, and discovery pages.

Being Instagram verified is a big deal because it means that your page is legitimate and the content you are posting is coming directly from you. The verification process does not happen through a simple algorithm or change of settings. Instead, Instagram moderators individually give accounts this distinction, meaning an account has to have a large presence on Instagram to even be considered.

This does not necessarily mean that this presence is determined by follower count alone. Rather, it is determined by the quality and relevance of your presence on the platform.

Know Your Platform

Paralleling your content with the kind of media predominant on the platform is the best way to make the most of your presence. Basically, visuals such as videos and pictures should dominate your account on visual-based platforms like Instagram.

Creating content that is very visually appealing means that it would succeed on Instagram. Even poets, whose content is primarily word-base, can become successful on Instagram by adding visuals alongside their work. This is particularly evident with established poets like Rupi Kaur, whose short poems and accompanying illustrations earned her a lot of success online and eventually through her self-published work.

Knowing the platform and what people use it for is essential to creating content. Keeping Instagram’s purpose in mind, make sure your content is visual and interactive. Interaction can also be maintained by posting frequently.

Avoid Reproducibility

Instagram verifies accounts if they are especially at risk of being impersonated. Especially with bigger celebrities and brands, there are many fan and fake accounts. If you create very specific content and have a personality on your page, it shows Instagram that your account is authentic.

If you let Instagram know that there is a chance you could be impersonated, this also helps the process. This does not mean you should go around creating fake accounts. Rather, focus on creating high-quality content, maintain an online persona, and show Instagram that you are authentic.

Stay Active

This was briefly touched on before, but maintaining a presence on Instagram is essential to becoming verified. Instagram wants to see that you are using their platform and would benefit greatly from being verified.

It may seem daunting to post constantly, but stocking up on photos and clips ahead of time and planning your posts is a great way to minimize how much work you do on a daily basis. If you are doing something you know your followers like, take the opportunity to capture the moment in many different ways and reveal your posts at a steady pace.

Another way to stay active on the platform is responding to and liking comments. This shows you are valuing your followers and their reactions to your content.

Additionally, Instagram offers Insights about your business page, and you can use it to tailor your content and monitor what kinds of posts are the most engaging. You can use this information to plan out future posts and stay active in increasingly productive ways.

Google Yourself

Since verification is not offered through a simple algorithm, it means that individual people need to be convinced of your importance. The most direct way moderators check for a presence is through googling you or your brand.

When you google yourself, what do you see? If there are not a lot of links to your content popping up immediately, then the chance of a moderator seeing your presence is also highly unlikely.

Instead of taking shortcuts like making a Wiki page, focus on content marketing and building your online presence. Many times, this can be done through blogging, linking your website on all social media, and enlisting the help of marketing agencies.

A Last Resort: Saying “Please”

Although Instagram claims it does not accept requests for verification directly, there are other ways to get in touch with moderators.

If you work for or with an agency that works with high-profile celebrities, then chances are there are people who are connected to moderators. This approach is purely based on connections, but it can increase your chances of being seen by a moderator.

You can also be persistent when you message Instagram support. It may feel like a shot in the dark, but it can help build your case if you show many attempts at being verified.

Becoming Instagram verified might seem out of reach, but persistence and consistency are key factors when creating an online presence, and those same principles apply when getting verified.

Twitter: A Little Flighty

Twitter’s verification process has been under scrutiny for a while now. After verifying the pages of some politically controversial figures, the platform temporarily shut down requests for verification.

Since then, they have made statements claiming that the verification badge is a stamp of authenticity but not an endorsement from the platform. They have reportedly been working on a new system for verifying general accounts. Until then, smaller accounts (read: not belonging to public figures) will have to wait to get verified on Twitter.

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