How to grow your LinkedIn business audience

Growing a following on LinkedIn can be difficult, but is possible with the right tactics.

LinkedIn is a huge place for businesses to find employees and other businesses in the same market. The struggle can come when you are lost on how to find all of the new clients, employees, etc. There are different ways to grow your audience from organic ways and bots.

  • Share media content
  • Take part in LinkedIn groups
  • Add a LinkedIn follow button to your website
  • Share company news
  • Connect with current employees
  • Pay for bots

Share Media Content

Media content is one of the best ways to engage viewers and give them an easier way to read your news.

YouTube videos and different photos let your audience see what your point you want to get across in a quicker way than reading an entire article. LinkedIn has claimed that those looking at posts with videos are taken twice as many actions as they would on a post without a video. The company also found that having a link of any sort on your post with increase follower engagement by 45 percent. Making sure every post the company puts out on LinkedIn has a link is a simple way to get your current audience to engage with your post. That engagement could mean shares, which means you are reaching more viewers.

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Take Part in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups help your company find others in your industry.

Participating in industry-related LinkedIn groups helps you gain insights and ideas on how to improve your company. Sifting through different groups on LinkedIn will also give you an opportunity to connect with companies you may have never heard of before, but are in your industry. Some groups are open to anyone and others are locked and your page must wait to be “approved” by the administrator of the group. After joining, you will be sent emails on updates of all members and you will be able to participate in discussions going on. After finding your way through the group, this is an opportunity to connect with members outside of the group and connect on your personal profile.

Add a LinkedIn button to Your Website

Make sure everyone knows you are on LinkedIn, even if they aren’t.

Making sure all of those who follow your company know you have a LinkedIn is a great step to growing your audience. Adding a button to your website will make it easy for those to head over and check out the updates on your LinkedIn. Even if they don’t have a LinkedIn profile, they can still click the button and look over your page. Promoting it not only on your website but n your other social media platforms will grow your audience. If they are following you on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else, they may feel inclined to also check you out on LinkedIn.

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Share Company News

LinkedIn is a professional place, share your professional news.

Instead of always posting the same things on all of your social media platforms, use LinkedIn to share all of your up to date company news. This will give all of your employees a place to go to be up to date with the news and will also keep your audience in the “know.” This will give your company the look of being transparent with its customers like you don’t want to hide anything. Another LinkedIn study found that 53 percent of people joined LinkedIn for the sole purpose of getting company news. Keeping up with what the majority came to LinkedIn for will keep you relevant and grow your audience.  

Connect With Current Employees

The most important way to grow your audience is to please the one you already have.

Asking employers to add your company as your workplace is a great way to add to your audience. When a person goes to look at your employee’s page, they will also be able to see a link to your page in their profile. When an employee adds your company to their page, they also automatically become a follower of your page. This will grow your numbers and give you the opportunity to be seen by others in the industry. Connecting with employees will also let them see all the news of the company every time your page is updated. This is a great way to keep all employees on the same page.

Pay for Bots

Bots are a quick run around when trying to grow a LinkedIn following.

Bots for LinkedIn are hard to come by because requesting a connection is a little different from following numerous accounts at once like bots do on other platforms. There are some bots out there though! Lead Connect is a bot that searches for your companies target audience and with one click, the program can send up to 100 connection requests per day. Lead Connect prides itself on sending requests to targeted contacts that are personalized. Another option is Recruiter Nerd, which claims to grow your connections by thousands.

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