How to Get More Sales From Email

Your average American can get over a hundred emails in a single day. With all of that input, how is anyone able to compete and make sure that your email gets noticed first? It isn’t always easy, but there are some tips and tricks that can help businesses make sure that your customers are more likely to click on your emails. Using these tips, it’s possible to increase your sales because email customers are as close to buying as you can get without physically having a cart open.

There are lots of great ways to use email to reach customers, and some of the ways we recommend are:

  • Increasing the number of people who open emails by tailoring them to their potential needs
  • Anticipating when customers may be looking to buy, especially near holidays
  • Suggesting items they’ve previously shown interest in
  • Making your company’s emails fun and memorable

How to Increase Your Open Rate

There’s no surefire way to make people open your emails, unfortunately. Luckily, the ones who sign up for your mailing list are the most dedicated customers, so they're the ones most likely to come back to buy.

Notice the Ticketmaster email--”It’s Not Too Late”

One good tip is to resend the exact same email promising a bargain. Look at your open rates and then send the same email a few days later with the exact same body and a different subject line and some who may not have opened the first email might open this one. This works best for sales or other promotions that last at least a few days so people have time to open it.

Also, timing these sales so they coincide with holidays can be very helpful to customers. That way they get personalized recommendations right in their email inbox and don’t have to go looking for them. Again, the only problem is how to get people’s attention with the amount of other companies that will be emailing them.

Remind People of What They Were Interested In

Everyone gets these emails from the big ecommerce sites like Amazon, and there’s no reason a smaller business can’t do it too.

amazon screenshot

Messages like this one remind customers of what they were looking at recently. These are great for customers who were on the fence about a certain item and might be inclined to purchase it on impulse if they saw it again. They’re also good for customers who might want to purchase something similar.

People also love deals. Offering 10% off if they complete their order may make people feel like they’re saving money rather than spending it. With deals like that it’s completely possible to convince some to reconsider buying something they decided they didn’t need. This is also a place where ads on Facebook and other social media sites can be helpful as well. Make sure to keep that discount in your back pocket for a bit, though. Saving a deal until the third email means that some who decide to buy on the first or second email will pay full price.

Grab Attention With a Eye Catching Order Confirmation

Opening an order confirmation email can be important. It says whether your order went through, if you sent it to the right address, and everything else you might be worried about. While people are focused on the information the email is providing, adding in other details like links back to social media and the possibility of referring a friend never hurt.

There are some good ways to catch someone’s attention with your order confirmation and convince them to come back and buy again. Engaging and often goofy emails will get a lot more interest from the customer than purely transactional ones. If your email just has plainly stated facts it may be helpful to the customer, but you can still do more with it and give them even more information they may be interested in.

Some companies use this to write silly come back soon stories about how much they value their customers and would love to see them come back and purchase again. These are usually just done for fun, and to make the customer feel as though they were really taken care of and like they had a great transaction, even without the benefit of a face to face interaction. It can help personalize ecommerce, which will keep people happy and hopefully coming back!

<3 team mutts
Pretty much the cutest email signoff I get

Having emails from companies that feel like they care is one thing that will keep customers invested in the business and coming back time and time again. While this may seem easier for small businesses who know their customers, anyone can do it. Email can be a great place to connect.

Whether you’re just starting out and are hoping to grow an online business or you’ve been in the game for a while, these email tips are a great way to keep building your customer base and to make sure you keep the attention of your loyal supporters who signed up for emails. 99% of the people who visit your website won’t, so keeping in touch with these people is even more important. Just make sure to keep their attention without bombarding them with emails!

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how some of these email hacks work. If you have any questions or any other suggestions, leave them in the comments below to help out others who are also trying to grow!

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