How to Boost Your Reach with Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media tool in the world, are you using it correctly?

Facebook is the most-used social media site among all ages. That means a ton of people scrolling through a LOT of content.

The Facebook algorithm determines what users see in their feeds and when they see it which has the power to completely shape their Facebook experience.

So how can you learn to use Facebook to help grow your brand? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the algorithm and what you can do to improve organic reach!

What is the Facebook algorithm?

The average user looks at about 300 Facebook posts a day out of thousands. The algorithm is thousands of signals that Facebook uses to determine which posts should be in those top 300. They take into account as many as 100,000 individual factors, including

  • How interested the user seems in the content or the source
  • How recently the content was posted
  • What type of action users take on the content

In a nutshell, the algorithm monitors your behavior on Facebook, gathers data, and then establishes what they should show you.

How can you use the algorithm?

There’s not really a way to “hack” the algorithm because it’s constantly changing. Don’t worry though! The intricate formula will work in your favor. It’s Facebook’s way of reducing spammy, clickbait posts and promoting good content like yours.

The main key to improving reach by using Facebook is producing quality content. Make sure it’s original, fresh, and informative. Share other quality posts whenever possible that will resonate with your audience.

Here are a few other important strategies for making the most of Facebook:

Make connections

Content posted by “friends you care about” receives priority and will appear higher in their News Feed. This is because Facebook wants users to see what they’d be most interested in.

To help ensure YOU are one of the accounts people care about seeing, be certain to remain engaged with your audience, and I mean more than just liking dozens of pages. There are major benefits to understanding your target audience, and knowing how to speak their language.

Interact with them whenever possible by

  • Asking questions
  • Reposting your fans’ content (if it’s relevant)
  • Using images/your company’s logo
  • Holding a contest relevant to your company
  • And most importantly, being yourself! People follow other people because they value their unique personalities, so have fun with it!
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If it makes sense for your brand, use Live Video

Live Video is a very popular feature on Facebook. You can use it “talk” with your audience and become closer with them.

The algorithm update means that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when they are live. When it comes to reaching people with Live Video here are some suggestions:

  • Let your followers know ahead of time before going live
  • Broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more people
  • Say hello to commenters by name and respond to their comments
  • Go live often
live video
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Be sure to craft headlines that aren’t misleading

click now
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The algorithm aims to reduce the distribution of clickbait posts - those that leave out crucial information, mislead people, or force them to click to find out the answer. Commonly, they have a high bounce rate.

A team at Facebook reviewed thousands of headlines to determine if they were clickbait by considering two key points:

  • Does the headline withhold information required to understand what the content of the article is?
  • Does the headline exaggerate the article to create misleading expectations for the reader?

Example headline: A Man Bought Pickles and You Wouldn’t BELIEVE What Happened Next!

The headline game means that businesses who rely heavily on clickbait-style titles will experience a drastic drop in referral traffic and reach. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Create successful headlines that are informative and genuine but also fun!

Establish a posting schedule

That’s right, posting on Facebook shouldn’t only be about when the most convenient time for you is.

In order to reach the largest amount of people during a peak time period, you should have a plan for when you’re going to post content. Figure out the ideal time to post on Facebook, and then follow through.

If you know you’ll have trouble posting during the optimal time period, there are different tools that will allow you to schedule posts ahead of time.


The next time you go to post on Facebook remember these tips! They can help you build stronger connections with your audience and reach even more people.

Have any social media strategies of your own? Share them in the comments!

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