How Facebook is Changing Mobile Marketing

As time speeds up, fewer people sit down at a computer to engage with online media. Everything and everyone is on the go. It is us up to advertisers to meet consumers in their new domain – the mobile platform. Facebook is here to help.

Facebook Canvas provides consumers with a full, unabridged, experience anywhere - anytime.  No more desktop sites, it’s all about mobile.

  • People access the web more frequently off cellphones and tablets
  • Desktop sites are being replaced by mobile sites
  • Facebook Canvas can help you better reach a mobile audience

Today’s consumer is on the go.  They’re on the bus, in class, at a restaurant, on trains and planes, and anywhere else besides a desk with a computer.  For a while now, since the inception of mobile internet platforms, companies have seemingly ignored the fact that people access their sites on mobile.  There is usually a mobile site, but never with the same capabilities as the desktop version.  This leaves consumers to choose between a phone screen sized website with limited competences or an oversized site requiring consumers to zoom in only to realize that many of the desktop site’s features don’t actually function on a mobile platform.

So, why put consumers between a rock and a hard place.  Clearly, we are in an age where the mobile site is replacing the desktop platform.  From personal experience, for example, I feel that I use a computer only to complete assignments and watch movies.  It is when I lose focus from those activities that I pull out my phone, access the Facebook app, and begin on a journey of a thousand links.  It feels silly, often, when I click on a link and I am taken to a site which is clearly not developed to be looked at on a cell phone.

Understandably, many companies and small businesses lack the resources and know-how to create a fully functional, sleek, and bug-free mobile site.  Here, Facebook Canvas comes in.  What is Facebook Canvas?  Canvas, in the words of Facebook itself, is “A Full-Screen Ad Experience Built for Bringing Brands and Products to Life on Mobile”.   

Or, in other words, Canvas is a specially designed tool which brings mobile advertising to the same high level as desktop advertising.  No more slow loading pictures, graphics, or videos as you zoom and scour a desktop site on your mobile device trying to understand a product. No, now companies must tailor to the changing habits of consumers and meet them on their phone screens.  Canvas appears on your Facebook timeline as a normal post with a photo or video.  But once clicked on, Canvas goes fullscreen and allows you to scroll, swipe, and explore.  With the various types of Canvas templates and the multitude of uses for each of these templates, there seems to be a virtually infinite number of different companies’ Canvas to explore.

Using the same technology that it uses for loading photos and videos quickly in its’ mobile app, Facebook created Canvas.  While desktop sites bore customers with long loading times and unavailable features, Canvas approaches online content from a different angle.  This experience is not shared between platforms.  Just as desktop sites are meant to be seen on an actual computer screen, Canvas is aimed at the screen in the palm of your hand.  In canvas you can show people what your product or service is by offering a virtual tour.  You can add videos, create stylish blogs, and offer customers a personalized and immersive ad experience.  

Canvas is a one stop shop for all mobile advertising needs and many companies are taking advantage of it very fast in all sectors of the market.  Automotive giants like Mercedes, Jeep, and VW all use Canvas.  Companies like Target, American Express, Gatorade, and Asics have all jumped on the Facebook Canvas bandwagon as well.  

Canvas is easy to use and can be tailored for any sort of business.  Everyone uses Facebook - people will see your ad. It is wave of the future so it's best to hop on now.  Give Facebook Canvas a try.

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