Get More Eyes on your Blog

What steps you can take to increase your blog’s traffic

A good blog connects and engages with a certain customer base that’s relevant to the business or individual behind the blog. Blogs increase awareness for services or products, which may aid in their conversion rates. Just because you have a blog, however, does not mean it’s working effectively for you and your business. There are certain blog strategies good content marketers use that lead to increased traffic on their blogs. Continue reading to learn about these blog practices for your business or website.

Blog Strategy Tips

  • Find and Target your Blog’s Audience
  • Post your Blogs on Social Media Early and Often
  • Use Guest Posts to Backlink to your Blog
  • Stay Relevant
  • Be a Consistent Content Creator
target audience
Knowing your audience helps you craft content that matters to them

Finding and Targeting your Audience

If you seek success as a content marketer, you have to know who you’re marketing toward. There’s not one blog that every American reads daily, so your audience can’t be everyone. Ask yourself what problems your product or service offers solutions to, what pain or strain do you take away with your product or service. If your service cuts down on time spent filing, then you’re selling your service to people who 1) do filing and 2) want their filing to be more efficient. Those who desire and need your service will make up your blog’s likely readership, so craft content toward them specifically.

If you want more insight into who your audience is, don’t shy away from looking at a competing service’s website and blog. They likely target the same type of customers as you do, so keep an eye on what they do, and how they target their audience. This may show you the type of content your audience may appreciate as well.

Post your Blogs on Social Media Early and Often

blogs on social media
Don’t forget to disseminate your content on social media websites

Now that you have content, don’t forget to put it out there. Publishing blogs on your website is not enough. There’s no guarantee anyone will see your blog if you don’t advertise its existence on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. However, once you post your blog on social media, you aren’t done. You should always post blogs two times, once one day and once the next. Don’t ever bank on your audience seeing something the first one time it’s posted. Make sure to always provide the post again for those who missed the first one. This strategy may help your content become evergreen. Good content lasts, so monitor your content, and repost and update high performing blogs. Keep your social media accounts active, and post as much as you can.

Use Guest Posts to Backlink to your Blog

guest post backlink
Guest posts help drive traffic to your blog through backlinks

Don’t hide all your best content on your website! Guest posts can help you put more content out there and drive traffic back to your blog. Guest post are blogs of your own posted on outside websites, which send visitors to your website through links left on the guest post. Don’t hesitate to create a roster of guest post websites that may house your content. Once you do so, select employees or writers you value to craft some good guest post content. Guest posts still have to be quality blogs, or else no one will make it through the post and ultimately to your website. Check out Schenley’s guide to guest post writing here.

Stay Relevant

Was a big new tech development just announced? Find a way to incorporate that into your content, because people are sure to be talking about it. You want to take advantage of natural buzz surrounding topics in order to get more people landing on your content. You don’t have to pay for the publicity that a movie or a Netflix show may bring, so you can ride its coattails so to speak and get more eyes on your blog’s content. Stay vigilant! Keep up to date on current events so you can find a way to incorporate them into your content, and get the traffic that accompanies the natural buzz they provide.

Be a Consistent Content Creator

People don’t want to visit a blog that doesn’t produce new content. Old blogs give the impression that they’re no longer active. Make sure you cycle out older articles or update them, and take the time to create a schedule for new blog posts. Create weekly deadlines for edits, completion, and posting so your audience receives a streamlined, consistent product. Blogging can be a long term strategy for driving traffic to your website. You may not see results within the first few weeks of posting but keep it up, and the results will come as your posts become more consistent, and more geared toward your target audience.

Blogging can be a great strategy for helping your website and business receive more exposure. Content creators like Schenley can be helpful with implementing your blogs and crafting writing that’s relevant to your business. If you have any other blogging tips feel free to comment them below!

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