Contests for content marketing

How to engage influencers so you both can benefit from customer satisfaction

In today’s world of social media, users are closely tied to their favorite influencers--the products they use, the music they listen to, the way they dress. As a company, you can sometimes appear too large and too distant for personal connections, while the influencers on platforms such as Instagram seem closer and more relatable. While of course there are friendly faces working behind the scenes, your company’s logo is often all people see, and it becomes hard to influence customers directly.  In an article title “How to amplify your content marketing with influencer-driven writing contest” for Search Engine Watch, writer Ann Smarty details six ways you can engage with influencers (who will in turn pass along your message to their followers). The article describes the benefits of holding contests and other engagements, since it eventually equals out to free promotion from influencers, immediately will generate more traffic, and further connects with your niche group.

  1. Brainstorm and research topic areas
  2. Reach out to participants
  3. Get organized!
  4. Keep your content quality standard high
  5. Collect and present your entries
  6. Scale up your content promotion

Part 1: Reaching out

Organized research can be the key to success

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Early research helps to provide the foundation for connecting with others in your niche online setting, and you can begin with simple steps such as keyword clustering and searching usernames. Next, to it is time to actually reach out to these people, gauging your audience for those who will want to participate or--at the very least--still spread the word even if they are pressed for time. Finally, you’ll want to make sure you remain organized in either a spreadsheet or client database as your new lists can quickly become overwhelming.

Part 2: Collecting content

Keep it coming!

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Next, get on the same page with your new contacts by setting standards high and keeping things simple. Some guidelines to follow include discaming any bias when mentioning other sites, avoiding mentioning direct competitors, keeping content exclusive and off of other platforms, and setting rules for contests (for example, establishing what you want photos to look like). After these items are discussed, you are read to open a forum and start gathering!

Part 3: Promotion, promotion, promotion!

Time to use what you’ve gathered

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Finally, with all of your new content from contests, you can kick your posting up a notch. The article advises using a scheduler to stay on top of posts, and you should be sure to make the extra effect to mention your contributors, etc. on social media! Taking a few extra minutes to ramp up your daily positing can the little bit that goes a long way.

In conclusion, instead of fearing influencers for their success with customer relations, take strides this month to put yourself back in the running. By connecting with influencers first, you can end up reaching your customers just as you wanted (but now you are going through a middle man). By posting contests and engaging with readers, your site should see improvement very soon!

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