3 Ways To Increase Website Traffic From Industry Leaders

From Brian Dean to Neil Patel, here’s what the masters are saying about raising your website’s views through the roof

It’s the elephant on the home page: in order for your website to have any significance at all, people need to be looking at it. No matter how popular your website already is, there’s always room for you to grow, and it’s simple arithmetic to understand that the more people visiting your website, the more attention and exposure you’ll receive, which can only lead to good things for you and your business. We love helping you out with the best information on the market, so here’s our list of some of our favorite tips for inventive ways to get those views up on your valuable content. You’ll learn how to keep people flocking to your pages for your content and simple things that will honestly revolutionize how people interact with the material you put out on the web. Read on for the hottest tips to make your content do more work for you.

Brian Dean’s Tip For Increased Sharing

Why break your back getting your content out there when your audience can do it for you?

Brian Dean at Backlinko shares with us an extensive list of 27 ways that we can all increase traffic to our sites. The list goes over a host of innovative techniques, but the one we wanted to highlight here was number 12: adding what he calls “share triggers” to your content. These are things that you add to your content that make it especially tantalizing to share it with your peers online. The idea is pretty versatile: it could be an eye-catching infographic, a video, or even just a snappy quote that makes you think. Whatever it is, adding something like that to your content can surprisingly be a very powerful incentive to spread it around on social media. Brian notes that everyone is interested in social currency, basically anything that increases our social standing with others in society. This means that the kinds of social currency your audience is looking for depends on what they’re looking for in your content: if it’s hard facts, data and numbers will be appealing and make them look smart, but if they want to laugh reposting a joke or witticism you wrote will display their deft sense of humor. As with all content marketing, it all comes down to understanding who your audience is and how you can give it to them, and utilizing your product’s social currency is vital to making sure it appeals to your audience. Once you have the key to their hearts, they’ll pretty much do your job for you, and feel good about it too. Win-win.

Neil Patel’s Call To Action

Your audience wants to change, so show them how

Neil Patel, online content marketing’s messiah, has shared another piece of knowledge from on high that really made us think. In his list of out-of-the-box ways to increase traffic to your website, he suggests posing a 30-day challenge to your audience to do something related to your product. At first, it might seem a bit random, but then upon further thought, it begins to check all the boxes. It gets people involved and thinking about your content even when they’re not online, it gets them active and doing something different in their life, and if they succeed they’re excited about it and want to share it with others. It’s brilliant. Patel also points out that 30 days is the perfect amount of time for something like this: long enough to be substantial, challenging, and dramatic, but short enough that people won’t get bored and move on. And all the while, this challenge is something that your audience took up out of their own free will, so when all’s said and done they can feel truly triumphant.

Pat Flynn’s Content Control

We hear it all the time, but cutting out your old content is truly powerful

Way back in 2016, a whole new concept was coming out in the annals of the online marketing community. A crazy idea about removing your old content, the foundation upon which you had started your enterprise, was being talked about more and more. As crazy as it sounds, we investigated Pat Flynn’s conversation with Todd Tresidder on his podcast about this very subject, and it actually makes sense. The old content that we made years ago when we were just starting out this whole new enterprise, isn’t what people are looking for anymore. And even if there are some gems hidden in the rough, it’s the fact that they can be hidden by all of the outdated, off-target, and irrelevant information that’s standing in the way of you and potential viewers. Google’s sorting algorithm can actually detect the quality of your overall content creation, how focused and relevant it is to a search’s query, and the closer you can hit that mark with pointed posts the better chances you’ll have at getting the clicks. And it’s also quite a bit easier to delete older, useless articles and update outdated information than to toil week after week only creating new content, when you have the potential for more views already in your pocket. This way, everyone saves time by just some good old spring cleaning.

If you’re still hungry for more ways to keep people flying to your pages, check out David McSweeney’s excellent tips on how to fill in the gaps of your existing content with some tactical thinking, and if you want a literal smorgasbord of possible tactics you can implement to make your website the best it can possibly be, Sumo has compiled a list of 134 different ways you could potentially draw more traffic to your site. We’re constantly impressed by the creative thinking that people continue to bring towards engaging with the digital marketplace, and we’re excited to bring you more tips in our future pieces. Which tip was the most interesting to you? Which one do you plan on using? Let us know in the comments! And if you really want to feel challenged, try implementing one of these techniques for 30 days! The results may surprise you.

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