3 Steps To Create Infinitely-Scalable Content

Stretch your work to fit any medium or presentation

The best thing about creating anything on the internet is that you can reach as many people as your heart desires. No matter what content you’re creating, with some creativity and a little elbow grease, there’s a way to package your message in a way that will appeal to even the most obstinate minds.

Technology is pretty amazing these days, so as exciting as it sounds to send out your content through beepers and fax machines, we think there are some even better ways to reach your audience. Videos, podcasts, written content, it’s all on the table, and we’re here to show you how to capitalize on all the ways you can couch your content to spread your message across the globe.

Read on for our favorite tips and tricks on how to scale your content for every audience.

The Tips

  • Find An Engaging Medium
  • Choose The Best Place To Publish It
  • Speak To Your People

Kick Your Creativity Into Overdrive

Your audience will thank you

The one thing that everyone craves is to be engaged. Flashing lights and loud sounds are popular because they demand attention. Why not do the same with your content?

Cisco predicted that by 2021, the vast majority of consumer internet traffic will be centered around videos, with the expected percentage clocking in at a whopping 82%. That’s astounding! And it makes sense: videos can incorporate our two most captivating senses, sight and hearing, into the same package, and it’s an active medium that does most of the viewer’s work for them.

There’s little reason not to begin pivoting your content to a video-based package, and it’s already catching on. Neil Patel, content marketing’s guru, has been pushing out videos for a while now, and in 2018 he plans on budgeting $144,000 exclusively for video-based content.

So video is blowing up, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon everything that’s not a 5-minute clip. According to Noah Kagan over at OkDork, even with the fabulous potential of videos for engagement, currently mediums like infographics and lists still get more shares on the internet than videos.

Graph of average shares by content type

So what does this mean? Well, as with everything on the internet, you have to tailor your content to exactly what you want to achieve. If you want to create a fast and easy piece of content that can spread like wildfire, an infographic is your medium of choice: if you’re going for content that will age very well and fully engages your audience in a way that appeals to everyone, a video is definitely what you need.

Now that you have an amazing piece of content ready to razzle and dazzle the world, it’s time to unveil it to all your screaming fans. But where are they? Our next tip lets you know exactly what needs to be done to find them.

Post Where It’s Wanted Most

You need to preach to the choir

As we all know, different people come to the internet for different things. Some people are looking to connect with family and friends, others are here for funny videos and commentary, or maybe they’re looking for news and data. Understanding the different reasons people are online will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

The key to understanding where your content will thrive is to take a good luck at what’s already on there. Sometimes a site like Buzzfeed will have several different kinds of posts make it to the front page, showing you that there is more chance for making a splash with a diverse array of content.

It’s important to keep in mind that your platform of choice has to actually appeal to your audience. While business people almost certainly browse Buzzfeed, your infographic on currency exchanges is going to sink to the bottom of their pages because your brand doesn’t fit with Buzzfeed’s personality.

Of course, as noted by Vivial exec Laura Cole on Forbes, it’s vital to stay on brand throughout the entire content creation process. No matter how revolutionary you make your content, it won’t make you a dime if you don’t truly make the effort to connect with your intended audience.

Choose Your Words Carefully

It’s all in the delivery

Everyone wants to be heard: the moment that you hear someone truly understand who you are and why it matters to you, it’s impossible to not hang on every word they speak. That kind of connection is hard-wired into our brains as human beings, and it’s why people who know their audience, what they want, and how to deliver it, will always be successful.

For content marketers, that means helping your readers in their daily lives with the content that you provide. Maybe it’s that infographic from earlier that will help a fledgling financier launch their career; maybe it’s an ebook of knitting patterns that your readers can view for free. Regardless of your product, what matters most is why and how your audience will consume it.

Understanding your audience is a win-win, hands down. Human beings, despite everything you might be hearing in the world today, are inherently gracious beings. Neil Patel shows us that Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income was selling 25-30% of his ebooks simply because people wanted to give back to him for helping them with all of his other content, not because they needed it at all.

Creating content in this manner is great because no matter what medium or platform is right for you, the bottom line is that you need to connect with the people on the receiving end. That means that even old content that you revamp or refurbish will still focus on the audience, and thus you’ll have the ease of converting your older stuff into a relevant post that your readers will truly enjoy.

Creating content will never be truly easy. That’s because, as people who know the business, you understand the research, strategizing, and overall thought that comes into play for creating an engaging and relevant post for people to actually enjoy. Getting people to spend their time on your work is always an uphill battle, but making sure that your process makes the most of your time and money by making your content adaptable for any possible scenario will leave a smile on your face, and a pep in your step after knowing that you’ve done your job right.

What was your favorite step? Anything else that you think is important? Let us know in the comments!

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